Google Maps Now Has Weather

Google has updated their Maps web app with the capability to check the weather anywhere using The Weather Channel’s service. The new weather layer can be found in the upper right hand corner of Google Maps near the traffic and satellite view selections. TWC will provide you with anything from current conditions and hourly forecasts to a 10-day forecast and cloud options.

Maps’ new weather layer seems to be great at first glance, however, the interface itself has a gallery of terribly bland icons for conditions. It’s the beginning of something new, though, so hopefully things will change up a little bit to match the rest of the Maps interface.

Check after the break for a video by Google explaining their new feature addition. (more…)

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Droid Bionic to Land September 8th for $299.99

Screenies snagged from Verizon’s MAP system pin a September 8th release date on Motorola’s upcoming Droid handset. According to the chart, the smartphone will sell for a hefty $299.99 on contract, but you’ll be getting some impressive horsepower for your hard earned cash. The Bionic will house a 1GHz dual-core processor, 8MP camera, and a 4.3″ screen.

Along with the Droid HD and Galaxy S II, Android’s Fall lineup is looking pretty strong. Hopefully Apple won’t skimp on the specs for the iPhone 5.

[Droid Life]

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Apple Seeks Ban on Galaxy Branded Products Across Europe

Apple originally asked a federal court in Germany to place a ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 across Europe, a decision that the court decided to follow through with and later revoked due to the questionable legality of enacting the ban in countries outside of Germany’s jurisdiction. The lift on the ban did not stop Apple from pursuing its removal of Samsung’s Galaxy lineup of products from European shelves, as the Cupertino-based company is now asking a court in the Netherlands to enact a Europe-wide ban on not only the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but all of Samsung’s Galaxy branded products.

Samsung devices that would be affected should Apple’s request prevail would include the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S, and Galaxy S II. The trial will take place in a Dutch court on September 15 and an injunction, if found necessary, will take effect no sooner than October 13. Apple’s request for injunction on the sale of Galaxy products stems from its lawsuit against Samsung, in which it accuses the handset maker of copying the look and feel of the iPhone among other devices.


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Skitch Now Free on Mac App Store, iOS App Coming Soon

For those that were unwilling to pay twenty dollars for Skitch, it will be enlightening to hear that the popular screenshot markup software is now free on the Mac App Store. The price discount comes just hours after Evernote announced its plans to acquire the company in a conference held in San Francisco earlier Thursday morning. Skitch allows Mac users to take, edit, and share screenshots and has a wide variety of features and capabilities for quick image editing.

At the same conference, Evernote also announced the availability of Skitch for Android devices, which is free on the Android market effective immediately. According to Evernote’s chief executive Phil Libin, an application is also in the works for iOS devices as part of the company’s plan to “put Skitch everywhere.”


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With Help from iPad, Apple Now Top Mobile PC Vendor

The latest report from Display Search awards Apple the “top mobile PC vendor” spot for Q2 2011, surpassing the previous leader HP. It must be noted that the total number of units shipped include the iPad, which account for 80 percent of Apple’s mobile PC business. Without the iPad, Apple’s total sales are much less noteworthy (but still impressive for a single vendor). Overall, tablets are up (more…)

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HP Gives Up on WebOS

HP has announced today that they will discontinue all development and production of webOS related smartphones and tablets. Featured on the Pre and TouchPad, webOS is was a pretty unique operating system that was favored by homebrew enthusiasts and those who wanted a fresh UX. The demand for Android and iOS devices is likely the cause of webOS’s death, since the Pre family of devices flew pretty far under the radar for most average users.

In addition, HP reported that it plans to announce that it will discontinue operations for webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and webOS phones. HP will continue to explore options to optimize the value of webOS software going forward.

It’s sad to see webOS go, but there is a slim possibility that the operating system will live on in some incarnation if acquired by the competition.

Update: If various tweets by HP executives (most notably Richard Kerris, head of Developer Relations for webOS) are to be believed, only the physical products HP produces that run webOS will be eliminated. WebOS, as a platform, will live on, and it seems like the licensing idea is going to become a reality. (more…)

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Verizon Customers Moving from Android to iPhone?

A new study by the online ad network Chitika reveals that the percentage of Android users on Verizon has dropped significantly as the number of iPhone users rises. When the iPhone finally came to Big Red earlier this year, many assumed that sales would be explosive, but Apple was left disappointed as most subscribers stuck with their existing device.

Now, it seems, that Android users are (more…)

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Microsoft Confirms Development of App Store For Windows 8

Microsoft has launched a blog entitled “Building Windows 8,” which gives the public an inside look at the development of the company’s latest operating system from the Windows development team themselves. In a recent post published to the blog by Steven Sinofsky, it was made clear that Microsoft has assigned teams of developers to focus on particular areas of the future operating system. Interestingly enough, one of these focus areas was on an App Store, which would presumably be ready for the launch of Windows 8. (more…)

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Apple Considering Augmented Reality for Maps Application

In a recent filing with the United States Patent & Trademark Office, it has become evident that Apple has been exploring the concept of augmented reality for the Maps application. For devices with a camera, this technology would mean that the device’s live video would be recorded and then overlaid with relevant information such as landmarks and other points of interest, distance, and directions.

There are several different applications available on the App Store that are already capable of performing augmented reality to at least some level, but this latest patent filing could mean that Apple is looking to implement the technology right into their official Maps application.


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“Plant a photo, watch it grow”: Google’s Photovine Open to the Public

Photovine, Google’s new social photo app, is now open to the public. Photovine works by allowing users to assign captions to photos they upload, which then become part of a collection of similarly themed photos based on that tag. Once the first “seed” photo is planted, an entire network of photos can be added to the “vine”, eventually creating a massive tree of pictures uploaded by friends.

The app is actually pretty slick for a Google product, although the development team behind it actually (more…)

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