Windows 8 for Tablets Gets Previewed, Take a Look

Joanna Stern of The Verge has been having a lot of fun this morning with Microsoft’s next OS, Windows 8. There’s a little six minute walkthrough below on the major changes of the new OS and there will surely be much more to come in the future.

If you want to check out Windows 8, then go download a developer build at 8 PM PT tonight here and let us know what you find in the comments.

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Angry Birds Surpasses 350 Million Downloads

Rovio’s general manager for North America, Andrew Stalbow, is reporting that the extremely popular game Angry Birds has now been downloaded over 350 million times worldwide. The game, which is available on several different mobile platforms, is $0.99 for the iPhone version, $4.99 for the iPad version, and has a free ad-supported version available on the Android Market.

There is also a wide variety of Angry Birds merchandise available, such as plush toys and t-shirts, with one million items being sold every month. Angry Birds, which was released in December 2009, will have two new, very different versions released by the end of this year. Just over three months ago, Rovio was reporting 200 million sales of the game—since then, 150 million more copies of the bird-and-pig game have been sold in just over 90 days. Quite impressive, indeed.


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Microsoft Releasing Windows 8 Developer Preview—Today!

According to a post made by Steven Sinofsky on the official “Building Windows 8″ blog, which provides an inside look at the upcoming operating system, Microsoft will be releasing a developer preview of Windows 8 “later tonight.” The operating system preview will be available in both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) builds, bundled with development tools and a suite of demo applications. Upgrading from Windows 7 directly is not supported, so you’ll have to do a clean install to run this pre-release version of Windows 8. Sinofsky stresses that this is only a developer preview, rather than a beta release, and isn’t intended for production.

You probably want to try out the preview release—and you can. Starting later tonight you can download the Windows 8 Developer Preview. This includes a 64-bit (x64) build with development tools to build apps, and a 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) build without development tools. The releases also include a suite of sample applications (please note these are merely illustrations of potential apps, not apps that we intend to ship with Windows 8). The ISOs are linked to from

UPDATE: It’s live —

[Building Windows 8]

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New Versions of Android Will Include Support for Intel

During Intel’s Developer Forum, Andy Rubin of Google announced that Google will be continuing their partnership with Intel. In addition, Google will be adding Intel chip support in all future versions of Android.

Intel then showed off a phone and tablet both running on their new Medfield chip. Dieter Bohn of The Verge notes that both devices seemed to be prototypes since there was no manufacturer named. Phones running on Intel chips are promised to be available in “early 2011.”

[The Verge]

Post a response / What do you think? Releases iPhone App is a social music site that allows users to tune into a station and listen to peer-selected music or become a DJ themselves. The service is young, but it has grown virally over the past few weeks. DJs are voted as “lame” and “awesome” based on song preference, so it’s easy to tell who has good taste. Now, users can participate and listen on the go using the free iPhone app. At the moment, you have to have know someone on Facebook who already has an account in order to sign up, so it may be tricky to get invited until the site goes public. For those lucky enough to have an account, check out the mobile app and let up know how it works.


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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Coming to the Mac

Feral Interactive, a Mac game publishing company, has announced that the recently released Dues Ex: Human Revolution will be coming to the Mac this Winter.

It’s just emerged from the Feral laboratories that the Mac has been wheeled into the operating theatre for an extreme gaming enhancement with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the critically-acclaimed prequel to the legendary Deus Ex.

Deus Ex is a single player open-ended action RPG set in 2027, and the game has received rave reviews for it’s PC and console counterparts, so we hope that the Mac port does the prequel justice.

[Feral Interactive]

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Grid10 Tablet Drops to $299

Fusion Garage has cut the price of the Grid10 (formerly JooJoo) tablet by a full $200 to just $299. A WiFi+3G version is just $100 more. The device runs a custom grid-based operating system that is built on top of the Android kernel, and houses a dual-core Tegra 2 processor and a 1366 x 768 10.1″ screen. It’s predecessor, the JooJoo, flopped hard, and only managed to sell a handful of devices. The company has since rebranded and rereleased in the hopes of competing with the other major players, but the price slash seems to suggest that Fusion Garage may not be upgrading air conditioned office space anytime soon. Nevertheless, the specs on the tablet look good—as do the demo videos—so we will wait until the October 1st release date to pass judgment. If your looking for an bargin tablet to play around with, the Grid10 could be a decent choice.

[Fusion Garage via Engadget]

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Dolphin Browser for iPad Released

Developers of the Android, and recently iPhone app “Dolphin Browser” have released an iPad edition of the app today. It includes great features that other browsers have such as gestures, webzine, true tabbed browsing, and much more. If you loved the Android edition then go grab a copy now for free at the App Store. Expect a review from our team sometime soon!

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GameStop Now Offering Trade-Ins for Mobile Apple Devices

GameStop has announced that they are now offering trade-in credit for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. If you have extra Apple gear that you want to unload in return for store credit, the local GameStop could be a decent option. You won’t get fair market value, but you also won’t get burned by some sketchy stranger on Craigslist. Damaged devices are not accepted, but everything else is fair game. Value depends on the make, model, and condition, as is assessed during trade-in.

Many iPod, iPhone and iPad trade values are significantly higher than typical game trade-ins, allowing customers to build trade credit more quickly. “By trading in iOS devices, GameStop customers have yet another source of funds to put toward the purchase of new and pre-owned games, DLC, digital PC games and more,” stated GameStop president Tony Bartel. “This is especially significant with the great title line-up slated for this fall.”



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$60,000 in iPads: Gone in 60 Seconds

Naples Daily News reports that early this morning, skilled thieves broke into a Best Buy located in Estero, Florida and made off with an estimated $60,000 in iPads. The process took the three men a mere 60 seconds to complete and they left with a hefty 60-90 iPad load in their black bin before the police even had a chance to arrive. These men were dressed in black with masks, and they wore gloves.

It sounds like someone knew what they were doing. Inside job anyone? Maybe they should call Mr. Monk.

[Naples Daily News]

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