iFans Week in Review: September 19th – 25th, 2011

Tkf1 has put together another week in review issue. Check it out:

So, what happened on iFans during September 19th and 25th 2011?



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Telus iPhone Sale Ends Oct 3rd, Proof of iPhone 5 Next Day?

Telus has been selling the iPhone 4 for only $99 on a 3-year contract for quite some time, which is fairly insignificant until you look at the fine print. The Canadian carrier has listed the ending date for this sale as October 3rd, which is just one day before AllThingsD thinks Apple will host their iPhone 5 fall media event.

It could be merely coincidental that Telus chose to end their sale on October 3rd, but it’s more likely that was done purposefully to line up with Apple’s plans. AllThingsD already has an impressive track record of making rumors that turn out to be bang on, but this is just one more piece of evidence for anyone that might have been doubting the tech blog’s claims.

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Apple Hosting Their iPhone 5 Event on Campus in Cupertino

According to AllThingsD, Apple will be hosting their fall media event at the Town Hall Auditorium on their Cupertino campus in lieu of a larger stage. In the past, Apple media events and keynotes have often taken place at larger venues such as Moscone West or the Yerba Buena Center, both located in nearby San Francisco.

The event, which will reportedly take place on Oct 4th, is widely expected to include an iPhone 5 announcement and possibly a refreshed iPod touch (likely including a white model). The reasoning behind Apple’s decision to host the “iPhone 5″ event on their turf is unknown, but it could be intended to alleviate the pressure that Tim Cook will face as he delivers his first large keynote in his newly appointed position as Apple’s chief executive.


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Apple Blocks Vacations for Retail Personnel Ahead of iPhone 5 Launch

AppleInsider has learned that Apple is silently declining requests for vacations during the second week of October, hinting at a product launch. AI cites their source as being “people familiar with the matter.” The specific blocked dates are October 9th-12th – which may be the release date range of iOS 5 – and October 14th-15th – which is a weekend, suggesting a major product launch. Another piece that fits into this puzzle is Twitter’s upcoming “Developer Teatimes” that has a “heavy focus” on iOS 5 sharing. This event is scheduled to take place on the 12th and 14th of October, which is around the same date as Apple’s vacation blocks. There’s almost definitely a connection between the two. (more…)

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Apple to Reset iTunes Match Libraries on September 26th

Developers, be aware that Apple is planning to reset all iTunes Match data on September 26th at 9AM PDT—like they did with iCloud earlier this week. This reset suggests an imminent release of an iOS 5 Gold Master build, which should be followed shortly by a public release. The iPhone 5 is expected to be announced on October 5th, which jives with this announcement.

Apple mentions that devs should disable Match to prepare for the reset, and notes that music stored locally should not be effected. As always, make sure to have a backup handy just in case.

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Google SIM Cards Found Lurking in Spain

Google-branded SIM cards are being tested on the Nexus S in Spain, hinting at the possibility of a dedicated network from the creator of Android. Google currently offers VoIP calls and text messages through their Voice service, but expanding into a full-fledged carrier would be a massive step up—but not entirely unprecedented. Google is field testing their own ultra-high speed fiber internet service in Kansas City, and is looking to offer similar service in other parts of the country.

If Google were to offer their own cell service, they would likely piggy back off of current networks since implementing infrastructure across an entire country requires massive amounts of time and money.


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Application Review: Dream:Scape

“We’ll hide the key where nobody but us will know to look…” “…You do remember where you hid the key right?…” While you try to find this hidden key, you begin to uncover the intriguing past of Wilson, the character you play as in Dream:scape. You uncover your past through memories, conversations, and the surrounding environment as your progress through the game. Speedbump tackled the odd market of mystery games while giving it groundbreaking graphics to add to an incredible experience this app gives its customer.  Read on for the full review:  (more…)

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WordPress for iOS Gets Rich Text Editing

WordPress has updated their iOS app with the ability to easily write posts using rich text editing. The app now has built-in buttons for things like bolding font, creating lists and bullet points, or creating a link. In addition to the capability to type posts more easily, they have also added a full screen editing mode so that posts can be typed faster with less distractions. While it’s not as beautiful as iA Writer or Elements, it does perform well for a free blogging app. However, when compared to something robust such as Blogsy, it definitely doesn’t come close to competing. This is the only iPhone WordPress app at the moment though, so it’s a must for those bloggers who need to format quickly without needing to type HTML code.

In additional changes, stats and referrer links can be opened inside the app and Quick Photo now uses the post format for images (providing that your theme supports it).

If you’re a WordPress blogger and don’t already own the app for your iPhone or iPad, I recommend downloading it to easily post on-the-go for free.

[WordPress for iOS via TNW]

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Next Month, Apple’s iPod Will Celebrate its Tenth Anniversary

Nine years and eleven months ago, to this day, Apple debuted the iPod. Arguably, it is this tiny portable media player that helped the Cupertino-based company reestablish its brand name following the financial problems it endured during the mid-to-late 1990s. Apple first showed off the iPod to the world on October 23, 2001, followed up by a November 10, 2001 release.

Almost ten years later, the iPod still remains an important part of Apple’s product lineup, with multiple different models being offered over the years from the iPod mini in 2004 to the iPod touch in 2007. As an iPod and iOS-centric community, stay tuned for more nostalgic posts about the iPod as its nears its 10th birthday. Happy early anniversary, iPod.

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Google+ for iOS Gets Hangouts, +1 on Comments, and Much More

Now that Google has released Google+ to the public, they’ve also updated their iOS app with some great new features and improvements. These include Hangouts mobile, which allows you to join a Hangout from the app itself instead of using your desktop. There is also a selective push notification setting that has been added if you were annoyed by getting only notifications for everything instead of individual feeds like shares or comments. Huddle has been renamed “Messenger” to make it easier for users to find – since Apple’s OS is simple, after all.

You can now +1 comments. This change should have been in the original version, but it seems that they kept it minimal until the service was public.

Lastly, of course, there are some bug fixes and performance improvements and you should notice things are a bit snappier as well.

If you want to take a look at all the changes listed by Google, head past the break. You can go download the Google+ iOS app here, or update it if you have it.

[MacStories] (more…)

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