iPhone 3GS Will Be Offered For Free on Contract?

Wow, could the iPhone 3GS really maintain its spot in Apple’s iPhone family? RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky has shed light on the possibility of Apple offering the iPhone 3GS for free on contract beginning tomorrow. Even though the design of the iPhone 3GS is now over two years old, Abramsky is sticking to what he originally said about the phone in June:

We expect Apple to reduce the price of the prior iPhone 4 to $99 subsidized ($499 unsubsidized) and the iPhone 3GS to $0 subsidized ($399 unsubsidized, see 11/06/29 note for more detail and rationale); the prior iPhone 4 may be available only with 8GB memory.


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iPhone 5 to Be a Sprint Exclusive?

According to BGR, Sprint may be the exclusive carrier of the iPhone 5. The Wall Street Journal reported today that Sprint plans to “bet the company” on the next-gen iPhone by paying Apple $20 billion for the rights to carry the phone, which is an unprecedented amount of money to sell a single phone. But, if BGR’s sources are correct, then users will be jumping ship in hordes in order to get the device—offsetting the cost in the long term. Sprint has slowly been bleeding customers despite being the only carrier to offer unlimited data, but this may soon change.

This could explain why Apple is planning to roll out two new devices tomorrow. An iPhone 4S on AT&T and Verizon to (more…)

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iOS to Get App Rentals Tomorrow?

The Tech Era has found some interesting information regarding the possibility of app rentals within Apple’s recent iTunes 10.5 beta. The strings found in beta 9 show that a user can rent an app to test it out and then it will be deleted automatically at the end of the rental period. Check out the image below for details.

As you may remember from a few days back, the beta also gave confirmation of an upcoming iPhone 4S. If these references in the beta are correct, then there’s a big change coming to the App Store.

[The Tech Era via 9to5Mac]

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MacRumors: Breaking Down Each Possible New iPhone

MacRumors has helped to eliminate the confusion that has been associated with the continuous circulation of several different next-generation iPhone rumors. They have a detailed explanation of each possible new offering tomorrow:

iPhone 4 (N90A)
- The iPhone 4 but with reduced storage capacity (8GB)
- Otherwise identical to iPhone 4
- Will replace the iPhone 3GS which presently sells for $49 with contract.


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Apple Won’t Live Stream Tomorrow’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” Event

9to5Mac has been in direct contact with Apple press relations, who have confirmed that the company will not be providing a live streaming webcast for tomorrow’s “let’s talk iPhone” event at 10:00 AM Pacific in Cupertino. Apple will only be providing a private live feed to the United Kingdom for the European media.

Don’t fret, however, as here at iFans we will have our own coverage leading up to, during, and following the Oct 4th event inside Apple’s auditorium on their Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino, California.


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Tomorrow is “iPhone Day,” What to Expect From Apple?

Tomorrow is the big day that the Apple community has been awaiting for several months. Once the months of June and July passed without a new iPhone being introduced, many eyebrows were raised and an onslaught of rumors quickly followed to help answer people’s questions about Apple’s plans. August passed, and then September, until Apple finally officially announced its fall media “let’s talk iPhone” event that will take place on October 4th at 10:00 AM Pacific. So, what to expect?

1. iPhone 4SAccessory makers, carriers, and even Apple themselves have all made references to an iPhone 4S with the same form factor design as the present iPhone 4. The iPhone 4S won’t be the same on the inside, however, as it is expected to house the iPad 2′s dual-core A5 processor and 1GB of RAM. The phone will also boast a new 8-megapixel camera, improved antenna signal (sans “antennagate“), and longer-lasting battery should speculation prove to be true.


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Apple Adds “Let’s Talk iPhone” Banner to Infinite Loop Campus

Less than twenty-four hours away from Apple’s “let’s talk iPhone” event, the Cupertino-based company has added a banner for the event above the auditorium in which the event will take place. The keynote is scheduled to take place on Oct 4th at 10:00 AM PST inside Apple’s auditorium on their Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino, California.

iFans will have complete coverage leading up to, during, and following the event. If you haven’t had a chance to read all of the several rumors that have been circulating regarding this event, here’s just a few to get you started:

- Germany’s Vodafone Lists iPhone 4S in 64GB on Their Website

- New iTunes Beta Mentions iPhone 4S, Gets Pulled

- J.P. Morgan: Apple Launching iPhone 5 and “4-plus” This Fall

- Foxconn Manufacturing 150,000 iPhone 5 Units Per Day


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Germany’s Vodafone Lists iPhone 4S in 64GB on Their Website

In a drop-down menu located within the accessories section of the German carrier Vodafone’s website, a listing has been made for an iPhone 4S in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities. The latter of the three, 64GB, is unprecedented and would become the new largest iPhone in terms of the capacity of flash memory storage offered.

Apple has never released an iPhone with more than 32GB in flash memory, so any iPhone users that are media intensive would surely be happy about having double the space in a future iPhone. Apple made references to the iPhone 4S in their latest iTunes beta and are highly expected to launch a new iPhone on Oct 4th at their “let’s talk iPhone” media event.

[iPhone-Ticker via MacRumors]

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Application Review: Nyxquest

Beginning with an enveloping storyline, Nyxquest details the friendship of Icarus and Nyx, two distantly separated beings on the evolutionary chain. In the first opening of the app, a montage beings to unfold, presenting the first encounter between the human Icarus and the lesser god Nyx. Icarus, an innovative inventor of the time, was fascinated by flight and exploration. He built a pair of wax wings to soar through the sky, and one day journeyed into the heavens far above the earth and found a kingdom. It was a glorious land beyond human imagination, and there he found Nyx, radiant in the glory of her homeland. A steadfast friendship was born between the two, but each night the kingdom in the sky disappeared, and Icarus was forced to return home to Terra, where he awaited the morning sun signaling the return of the empire in the skies. (more…)
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Quebec Man Builds Mini-Fortress With Vintage Macintoshs

A man from Quebec, Canada has uploaded an image to RetroMacCast that shows off his large collection of classic Macintosh models. The set of vintage Macs includes the Mac Plus, Mac Classic, and the more recent, but still quite old, rainbow colored iMacs.

There are also Power Macintosh G4 computer towers within the picture that date back to as early as 1999. How nostalgic. What would you do with this many Macs?

[RetroMacCast via Cult of Mac]


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