Speedy Homey speeds up your iPhone in a way you wouldn’t expect

Home2A new tweak by the name of Speedy Homey was recently released, and it speeds up your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad experience in an interesting way. No, it doesn’t try to do any “hardware acceleration” or anything like that. Rather, Speedy Homey simply disables the ability to double-click the device’s home button. (more…)

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Apple considering Spotify-like service, Android app

spotify-logoIt’s been a slow friday in the world of Apple, but some interesting news surfaced this afternoon courtesy of Billboard. Apple is supposedly considering opening up a Spotify-like on-demand streaming service in light of declining music sales, and may also be working on an Android app for said service. (more…)

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iOS 7.1 significantly more stable than 7.0


The stability enhancements in iOS 7.1 are having a major effect on the number of crashes taking place on Apple’s mobile platform, according to a firm that provides analytics to developers. The firm states that the crash rate for iOS 7.1 is 1.6%, compared with roughly 2% for iOS 7, 6.1, and 6.

So perhaps iOS 7.1 took so long for a reason. Regardless, it’s good to see that Apple is making improvements in its overall platform stability.


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Would you watch Christian Bale in the Steve Jobs movie?


The man currently at the helm of the Sorkin biopic of Steve Jobs, David Fincher, wants Christian Bale to play the lead role. Bale, who has starred in films such as The PrestigeThe Dark Knight trilogy, and most recently American Hustle, does share a resemblance with a young Steve Jobs.

Personally, this would have me much more excited for the movie than I currently am. No announcements have been made, but it would make sense that Bale would take the job.


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Report: EA Games compromised, including Apple IDs and credit cards

Report: EA Games compromised, including Apple IDs and credit cards

EA-LogoJordan Kahn of 9to5Mac writes:

According to a report from internet security and research company Netcraft, hackers have compromised an EA Games server and are currently using it to host a phishing site that steals Apple IDs and more from unsuspecting users.

EA has confirmed to The Verge that it is investigating these reports. In the meantime, it is highly recommended that all users of EA Games on mobile or other platforms take the necessary preventative security measures by changing their passwords and PIN numbers. Also make sure to closely check your credit card statements.

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Samsung attacks iPad in latest TV ad

Samsung has uploaded a new one-minute advertisement to its YouTube channel entitled “it can do that,” in which the South Korean company expressively bashes the iPad in favor of its own Galaxy Pro Series tablets. Samsung refers to the iPad as being unable to do more than one thing at a time, while emphasizing that the Galaxy Pro Series tablets have higher resolution screens than Apple’s well-known Retina display. That’s the tip of the iceberg…  (more…)

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Best Buy to show off Galaxy S5 ahead of launch

Samsung Galaxy S5While the Samsung Galaxy S5 does not hit the shelves until April 11th, that isn’t stopping big box electronics retailer Best Buy from showcasing the new smartphone ahead of time.

Beginning on Friday, several of the retail chain’s locations will place product samples of the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Gear smartwatch on display for demonstrative purposes. Around 100 stores in 30 markets across the United States will have the samples on hand…  (more…)

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Do you use Mac OS X Mavericks “Tags” feature?

Red 2014-03-20 16-20-23 2014-03-20 16-20-40Mavericks has been publicly available for a while today, and I realized today that one of its most interesting new features–Tags–goes completely unused by me. The premise of the feature was simple: tag your files at any time to quickly and easily organize different file categories among different system locations. But I’ve simply never used it. (more…)

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Flappy Bird is coming back

Flappy Bird Logo

Flappy Bird is going to return to the App Store (and Google Play Store) at some point, according to the developer. Gawker discovered the statement on the developer’s Twitter feed, in response to the question of a fan.

At this point, the whole situation feels ridiculous. Still, if you somehow missed out on the Flappy Bird drama before, you may yet be able to experience the thrill of the game, at some point.


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Jailbreak tweak ActiPizza lets you use Activator to order a pizza

iPizzaThis is amazing. If you have a jailbroken iOS device, you’re almost surely familiar with the Activator jailbreak tweak. Many other tweaks require it to work, and now that list includes ActiPizza–a tweak that will order a pizza for you provided you trigger it with Activator. (more…)

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