Twitter now allows multiple photo uploads, tagging


Twitter is trying to expand into the realm of Facebook and Instagram, it seems, as the service yesterday announced an update to its iPhone app that will allow users to upload multiple photos in a single tweet. Tagging will also be added to the service through this update.

Twitter is trying to compete with other social networks as it tries to both grow its base and its feature set. Hopefully these new features will be added to the API, so third-party clients can be updated to take advantage of them.


Post a response / What do you think? is the best way to search through the App Store, iTunes Store logo

Apple’s App Store and iTunes search mechanism has always been lacking in features and speed. Pages take forever to load within iTunes, and the results aren’t always the best on the iPhone or iPad. is a new website that uses the official iTunes API to provide better search results faster. The website allows you to quickly search through all of the media that Apple hosts (music, movies, apps, audiobooks, and more) through a website that has been designed to work well on any device. I highly recommend it to anyone that has ever been frustrated by the stock search experience.


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1Password for Mac and Windows currently 50% off

1password icon

1Password — my favorite password manager for iOS, the Mac, Windows, and soon to be Android — is currently available for 50% off for the desktop versions. This means that you can grab the best password manager app for Mac or Windows right now for $24.99. At the price, it’s a steal, particularly if you already have it for your iPhone or iPad. The price won’t last forever, as the reduction is to celebrate MacWorld kicking off.


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OS X Mavericks grows to 40% marketshare

OS X Mavericks

The latest version of OS X is nearing the 40% mark of overall Mac releases measured by web traffic. Mavericks was released late last year, and was free for all supported Macs to install.

Mountain Lion, Lion, and Snow Leopard all have roughly the same marketshare (around the 20% mark), likely due to older Mac models not supporting the latest version, or due to the Macs being in production scenarios where upgrades aren’t regularly performed.


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New image shows upcoming Auxo 2 tweak

Frey's favorite tweak is the beautiful Auxo by Jack Willis

Auxo, of the best tweaks from the A3Tweaks development team, took the jailbreak scene by storm last year when it became a common replacement for the built-in task manager. Now, the developers behind the tweak are bringing it to iOS 7, and if a leaked image is to be believed, it could be pretty exciting. Hit the break for more. (more…)

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Fantastical for iPad coming soon

FantasticalMy personal favorite calendar app for the iPhone is about to make its debut on the iPad. Fantastical, currently available on the iPhone and on the Mac, is now being teased for those interested in the iPad version.

Those interested can sign up for an email announcement. The app will be a separate app from the iPhone version, meaning that you’ll have to buy it — if it’s anything like the iPhone version, it will be well worth the price.


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Apple pledges to make Emoji more ethnically diverse

New-Emoji-1What’s the plural form of Emoji? Is it Emoji? Or Emojis? It doesn’t really matter, but what does matter is that Apple has come out to admit that Emoji are just a little too white. Following a tweet from Miley Cyrus, it appears there just might be an #emojiethnicityupdate coming in the near future. Hit the break for the details. (more…)

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A retina MacBook Air is coming soon


Apple will “soon” release a MacBook Air with a retina display, according to various rumors and supply chain sources. The computer is supposed to feature a 12″ retina display, thinner design, and perhaps even come without a fan to make it silent.

I’m incredibly excited for this computer: I love my MacBook Air, but I want a higher-resolution display. If Apple can keep the same battery life the current Airs have, all while making the computer thinner and including a high-DPI display, they’ve got a real winner. The price is also rumored to be comparable to current Airs, if not slightly cheaper in some configurations. The timeframe for this computer appears to be sometime during the summer, which would make sense if Apple hopes to target back-to-school shoppers.

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