How to Search in Feedly

Feedly iconThe impending shutdown of Google Reader has forced a significant number of users to migrate away from the eight-year-old RSS aggregator and choose an alternative service instead. In the wake of the closure, which took many loyal Google Reader consumers by surprise, Feedly has emerged as one of the top competing services, tripling its user base from around 4 million members to 12 million since March.

The main draw to Feedly is that it offers users a similar experience to Google Reader, with a similar title-only list option for those that are used to tracking their RSS feeds in that manner. Moreover, the service offers dedicated apps for iOS and Android, allowing users to follow news on their smartphones and tablets.

Feedly is also fast, reliable, highly customizable and — perhaps most important — free. Plus, with support for importing from Google Reader using the XML format OPML, the transition to Feedly is quick and seamless. However, despite its upsides, Feedly does have its fair share of rough edges that will be improved on over time.


Unfortunately, there is currently no method of searching the RSS feeds you follow using Feedly. This is a big disappointment, considering that Google Reader had a great search tool that instantly brought up relevant stories based on keywords or titles you entered.

The good news is that Feedly is working hard on bringing search functionality to the platform. The company admits that enabling search is no easy task, but it knows the importance of this feature and will be doing everything it can to get it rolled out to its user base in a timely manner.

“Enabling searching within your feedly is a very difficult thing to do,” wrote Feedly co-founder Arthur Bodolec in response to a support ticket on its website. “But we definitely understand the value of such a feature so we will be working hard on that one to make sure we can add it to feedly.”

Now it’s simply a matter of playing the waiting game.