ZiPhone 2.5 and 1.1.4 Application Notes

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    I know that most of the applications from 1.1.3 work on 1.1.4, so this will be a list of applications that both work and don't, to get rid of double posts.

    I am reinstalling all the apps that I had on 1.1.3 and I'll put them on this list. If anybody has any others that they know of, please inform me in a post and I'll confirm and add it to the list. Please, ZiPhone method applications only.

    Notes about 1.1.4 (upgraded using ZiPhone method):

    -Does not seem to work on 16GB models
    -Need confirmation from 32GB models
    -To get the January update (app pack), add DevCon's Repo ( and look under "iPhone 1.1.3 Applications"

    The following applications work on 1.1.4 (using ZiPhone method)
    -Advanced Preferences (Skylar)
    -Evolution RGB
    -iPhysics (may need symlink, I do, please confirm)
    -Mobile Finder
    -Towers of Hanoi
    -Wallpaper (iApp-a-day!)
    -weDict (with dictionaries Merriam-Webster, English Etymology, OALD)

    The following applications DO NOT work in 1.1.4 (using ZiPhone method)
    -Customize (both reg and Skylar's require 1.1.1-3)
    -Extended Preferences (requires 1.1.3)
    -Summerboard (requires 1.1.3)

    The following items are broken or still broken:
    -LocateMe does not work (need confirmation from several people)
    -iPod into sleep mode with iPhysics running crashes iPod (need confirmation)

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