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    I was an avid ipodtouch user then I took the plunge last week into an iphone 16g ($677.00 to buy 499.99 case 35.00 activate 100.00 tax 32.00)
    ipod users hold off on this cause zibri is coming out with an ipod touch edition
    (by then the sdk might be out?)
    on his web site it says this was never made for the ipod touch
    so if any one reading this has an iphone then here you go
    I did a lot of reading on 1.1.3
    almost 2 months of reading forums your blog etc.
    well I finally took the plunge n this is what I did

    You need to tell people more info
    Like iTunes version , operating system your using , type of iPod/
    iPhone using the gig size like 16g iPodtouch or iPhone then people
    could help you better

    I used ziphone2.4 return of the GUI
    16g iPhone 4.6
    Windows vista
    I have unlocked AT&T service

    Now what I wanted was just a jail broke iPhone with installer

    1. Download ziphone 2.4 the return of the GUI
    2. I just double clicked on the zip file that i just downloaded
    2a. It asked me if I wanted to run after unzipping I checked yes
    3. Then it brings up the GUI
    3a. Have iTunes running
    4. You have 3 options unlock jailbreak etc.
    5. I selected the jailbreak only
    5a. Each selection explains what it will do. This is very simple and
    easy to follow
    6. Jailbreak takes around 35 seconds to just jailbreak
    7. Install BSD subsystems
    7a. Install open ssh
    8. Install boss tools ( to move apps to free up space read the
    9. I installed boss services so I could turn off ssh if needed among
    other things.

    phone working
    sms working
    itunes working
    ipod working
    you tube working
    maps working
    gmail working
    wifi working
    syncing had to reboot computer after that working
    running good thanks
    Hope this helps
    P.S the guy that said to close itunes it specifically says not to
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    iPhone 4 (Black)
    this is ipod TOUCH fans....
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    True, but he was just trying to help.

    ~Great job! Thanks for the share.

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