[Youtube Tut] How to view your iPod Screen on your computer without WIFI

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    1. Add the http://cydia.myrepospace.com/ratz96/ source.
    2. Search for and Install Veency (FIXED)
    3. Download this: http://www.uvnc.com/download/
    4. Create an ADHOC Network. I demonstrate using windows 7.
    (You need a computer with a wireless net card to do so. This means the computer is able to connect to wifi)
    5. Connect your iPod to the ADHOC Network like you would connect your iPod to a WIFI Network
    6. Press the blue arrow next to your ADHOC Network.
    7. Wait for an IP Address
    8. Open UltraVCN Server and check allow loopback.
    9. Open UltraVCN Viewer and type in the IP Address you see on the iPod.
    10. Connect.

    i Know there are alot of videos like this, but i havent found one using AD-HOC.

    If you enable ethernet sharing, you can also connect to the internet while connected to the ADHOC network. Thats, if your computer is connected to Ethernet.


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