Yourtube HD not saving videos after reboot

Discussion in 'iPad' started by saiyan23, Oct 2, 2010.

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    iPhone 5 (White)
    Hi guys, I recently bought Yourtube for the Ipad and while videos DO save upon downloading , for some reason' whenever I reboot the ipad....... the videos are gone.
    I decided to SSH into the Ipad and went to directory


    The videos are there but why arent they showing up in Youtube under "downloads"?

    Also, Whenever I tap on "Add to Ipod Library" the videos always go to "Music Videos" Is there anyway to change the folder name they go into? Thanks guys!
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    i have the same problem too. anyone has a solution?
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    i have found the solution and it works for me.

    remove YourTube HD from cydia. ssh to your ipad and delete the /var/mobile/Media/YourTube folder.

    delete any remaining files related to yourtube from the ipad (yourtube.deb,/dpkg/info/,cache,tmp,etc) - I accidentally deleted the entire contents of the /dpkg/info/ folder. luckily it didn't do any harm.

    once everything is cleared out. reboot the ipad.

    reinstall YourTube HD from cydia. download any video from youtube as usual and reboot. the video remains in Downloads.

    my guess is that something went wrong with the .arch file located in the YourTube folder.
    hope this work for you!
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    May 23, 2010
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    I'm getting this with YourTube 2 on the iPod Touch 4G
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    Hmmm it should work. Try resetting the device.

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