YOUR top10 bookmarks on touch

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Campi, Mar 10, 2008.

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    Dec 19, 2007
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    hi i just want to know what you all surfing on every day with ur touch

    my favourite sites are:

    1. jivetalk (icq client,very usefull)
    2. (bowsergame, everyday checking my ressources)
    3. this forum!
    4. and /iphone (great german site with german podcasts)
    5. (all youtube/*stage6*/dailymotion/google etc vids...useful)
    6. (great german site with lot stuff...checking everyday new psp games) (...PRONS ^^)

    ok u see i have not mich bookmarks and some are german... maybe we can share via this thread more popular bookmarks....

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