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    I recently discovered this, and did a google search to see if they had software for it. Turns out there is, but most of it either costs money or is exclusively for Windows. So if you're not tech-savvy and you have a Mac, you can download your favorite flash games (or most of them) with this tutorial.

    1. Download DeepVacuum. It is shareware, but the shareware version gets the job done (downloads movies, mp3's, and even entire websites for free!

    2. Navigate to your favorite flash game. If it is a direct link (the address ends in .swf, skip step 4. A great source for direct and good flash games can be found on Simply create an account, then go to Open Application>Games.

    3. If the game is not a direct link (such as,) right- click any blank spot on the page (not the game) and click View Source. Then find (Command-F) the extension .swf (shockwave flash). There might be multiple; you'll have to judge which one comes first in the page; if it's a banner, etc. Copy this entire link to the clipboard.

    4. Open a new session in DeepVacuum and select "Single file (resumable)."

    5. Paste the flash game's address in the URL section.

    6. Click Start Download, and wait for the download to reach 100%. This should only take a few seconds, depending on the size of the game.

    7. Open the file directory (I've changed my default download folder to Documents).

    8. From here you can play it using your flash player, or you can move it to your Applications. I have a folder entitled "Flash Games," so I can organize them without the default flash icon messing up my Applications look.

    NOTE: Some flash games don't play in the flash player; they need to be played in Safari. To set the file's default application without messing up the other .swf file's defaults, right-click the file, click Open With>Other. . . Then Enable All Applications instead of Recommended. Select Safari, and then check "Always Open With."

    Congratulations! You now have your favorite flash game on your computer. Without internet!

    If you have any problems or questions, I'll be happy to help.

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