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    My first attempt at a sticky. If this already exists, Tell me. Search came up with nothing related.

    Restore Mode
    Simplest Mode. Ever.

    1. Hold down home and sleep buttons until you see the phone power down.
    2. As soon as it powers down, let go of the sleep button but continue to hold the home button for a couple of seconds.
    3. Once you have verified that it is completely powered down, hold down the home button while connecting to your computer.

    iTunes should now prompt you that your iPhone/iPod is in Restore mode and can't be used.

    DFU Mode
    You can also put your iPhone/iPod Touch through software such as iLiberty+ and Ziphone.

    1. Hold down the Home button

    2. Hold down the Power button

    3. When it says “slide to turn off”, ignore it. It should restart with a blank screen. Look at iTunes, and your device should be removed. Now lift the Standby button, while still holding onto the Home button.

    4. Keep holding the Home button until the iPod reconnects on iTunes. When the device shows up in iTunes, that’s when you’ll need to lift up your button. If you wait any longer, it will go into Recovery Mode, and that’s not what you want. Your iPod should be blank.

    I will also tell you different things including the power/home button.

    Only 1 step.
    Press the Home/Power button and a screenshot will be taken and put into the Photo application.

    Hard Reboot
    Hold the Power and Home button until your iPhone/iPod power off. I suggest that once it's off you don't hold either of them anymore, you could accidentally put yourself into Restore/DFU Mode.

    If there is anything else that can be done with the Power/Home buttons, Tell me and I'll add it to this guide.

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