iOS 3.1 You DONT NEED iTunes 9 to use Blackra1n

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    As the title says, and I can only CONFIRM that this works with iPod Touch 2G. But you DONT need to update iTunes to install OS 3.1.2 and jailbreak with Blackra1n. I dont like iTunes 9 it handcuffs you to 3.1. So up untill just 10 minutes ago, I had my my Touch 2G jailbroken at 3.0 (redsn0w) I went ahead and figured I'd play around and see if you really had to use the new iTune 9.0.7. Sure enough you DONT NEED TO. You really must have the 2nd lates iTunes which was what you need to jailbreak and update to OS 3.0. I simply upgraded my OS thru the pop up dialog that appears everytime I load iTunes, installed OS 3.1.2 with NO ISSUES, then clicked on Blackra1n and it LITERALLY worked in like 30 secs, maybe faster. It was smooth, fast, and no hiccups!!1

    So I can confirm fully 100% that if you have a iPod touch 2G and still use the best iTunes ( you can update to 3.1.2 and jailbreak ALL WITHOUT upgrading to iTunes 9.

    [EDIT] I forgot iTunes was updated to but either way you DONT need that one either

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