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    iPod touch

    Was cruising around looking for an mp3 player, finally decided it was time to get one. While reviewing all my options, I stumbled upon this message board.

    I was leaning towards an Ipod touch, given the use I would get out of it beyond an mp3 player, but was turned off by the severe restrictions apple places upon my use of the device (I mean, once I buy it..I should be able to utilize the hardware to it's full potential.)

    After reading through almost this whole message board, I was sold on the touch. Went out and picked up a 64 gig 3g earlier today.

    I will be away from a computer for almost 30 days in another two weeks, and so won't be jailbreaking my device until after I get back. I figure that also gives me enough time to get used to it's native operation, and really appreciate the jailbreak once it's done. Who knows, I might just wait for the un-tethered jailbreak to be released.

    Thanks in advance to the dev team for all the great work they've done, i'm sure in a few months i'll really appreciate it.

    And thanks also to the rest of you in the community here, i've found your discussion to be extremely helpful, and hope i'll be able to make worthwhile contributions in return.

    Be seeing ya~

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