yellowsn0w for baseband 02.30.03

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by crazymon161, Feb 2, 2009.

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    Alright, I know that I'm screwed for now because I accidentally upgraded my baseband to 02.30.03, but my question is if anyone knows if/when the dev-team is going to update yellowsn0w for 02.30.03? (god i hate that number) Also, if there are any other exploits that are either out right now or that will come before yellowsn0w, let me know.
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    There are no other exploits, unless the dev-team is keeping them secret for now? The yellowsn0w exploit has been patched, so your probably going to have a long wait. Unless they find a new exploit in the new BB or they find an exploit in the BB bootloader which would be similar to the exploit in the 1st gen iPhone, allowing upgrading & downgrading the BB. This I think is there ultimat goal. There would be nothing apple could do to stop unlocking with an exploit in the bootloader.

    Your still screwed. There are a few *sims out that claim to work with the new BB but from what I have read so far there buggy. Check

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