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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jnskyliner34, Jan 3, 2009.

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  1. jnskyliner34

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    Got this from another forum

    Original page:

    WARNING: The yellowsn0w unlock software is still in super beta. Although many have reported success, more have reported no signal after the process. If you can still hold off, it's better to wait till the dev team fixes the bugs in the software. Proceed at your own risk. And PLEASE READ the all the forum posts in this thread first before proceeding.

    EDIT: For those who used an older version, upgrade to yellowsn0w version 0.9.4. It works much better!

    It's Out!

    DevTeam Blog

    1) Right-click on your iPhone's icon in iTunes and Click "Backup"
    2) Restore to Original 2.2 Firmware. Download the Original 2.2 Firmware here.
    3) Use Quickpwn to Activate and Jailbreak your iPhone 3G. (MAC and PC, Direct download QuickPwn from here)
    4) Restore from Backup in iTunes.
    5) Add the source of yellowsn0w in Cydia. (See DevTeam Blog) Install yellowsnow.
    6) Reboot.

    Use Installer or Cydia to install yellowsn0w, which is completely free. Here are the addresses you have to use to add yellowsn0w to your installer application (manually add the repo/source url):

    For Cydia enter: <removed>
    For Installer enter: <removed>

    *we recommend using Cydia to install
    Note that In both, the O in "sn0w" is a ZERO and not the letter O.

    Additional Info:
    (from comments in devteam blog)
    Installation Instructions
    1. Install BossPrefs and Yellowsn0w from Cydia
    2. Disable everything in BossPrefs
    3. Reboot your iPhone using BossPrefs
    4. Wait 1.30 min when you see lockscreen
    5. Take your sim out and insert it
    6. Wait a moment
    7. In settings turn on Airplane Mode
    8. Turn off Airplane Mode
    9. Signal should kick in after this

    NOTE: the sources are spelled: y - e - l - l - o - w - s - n - ZERO - w
  2. Joe Rossignol

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    Thanks, but you can look at and even on this forum for this.

    And that yellowsn0w website isn't official.

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