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    I'm not good at explaining stuff, but I have a good idea for an application that would be FANTASTIC (for me, at least!) if somebody made it.

    Basically, for fans of 2D fighting games, it's nice to have a move list handy for when learning a new character. I was thinking that maybe an application could be made so that a structured file (possibly XML?) with a set standard could be made by anyone, and downloaded by the application for offline viewing (since open wi-fi is pretty scarce around here).

    For example, a file could be like: (frame count, etc. is a total guess)
    <game=Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike>
        <move=Dragon Punch>
    And the method of browsing would be like:
    List of games, select a game to see a list of characters, select a character to see a list of moves, select a move to see move data (startup frames, damage, cooldown frames, isOverhead, isLow, isCommandThrow, isUnblockable, amount of super bar it costs, other notes, etc.)

    I don't know how hard this would be to code. Especially if you want to take into account special differences between games, such as False Roman Cancel points in Guilty Gear, which aren't in other games, etc.

    As I said, my skills at describing ideas sucks, and it'd take someone keen on fighting games (namely 2D fighters, in my case) to know what kind of stuff should be included in the move data.

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