xLink Kai and ipt 2g

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by j053, Jul 31, 2010.

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    Hey guys I been having this crazy idea for my
    jb ipt 2g if u heard of xlink Kai u should know it is a very good program to play non infrastructure games from almost any game system through ur pc with a USB cable with a psp or using a wifi adapter for other systems. I was
    wondering if it's possible to use my ipt 2g as a router or if I can connect my psp
    to my iPod touch while it's plugged to a comp tht has xlink Kai or even better if xlink is ported to ipt if this is possible I would surely buy w/o hesitation b/c I can't use laptop cuz parents berely let me use and I'm thinking this is possible b/c u can access an iPod through ssh so why not be able to access the iPod touch with a cfw psp and play online. If a dev knows this is possible please let me know cuz I will cheer u on and surely
    buy it if they are selling it through cydia
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    Simply no. The developers of xLink Kai don't have any plans to port it to iPhone/iPod. What they have done is set up the browser UI to be iPhone/iPod compatible.

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