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    X-Plane 9
    By: Laminar Research

    Download X-Plane 9

    Price: $9.99
    Version: 9.20

    Overview: X-Plane 9 is a flight simulator for the iPhone and iPod touch. You pick a plane, pick a location, set things like weather, time, wind, and plane weight, and then take off from and airport listed. Coming from Laminar Research who created Giant fighting Robots, Space Shuttle, and other types of X-Plane, this game is huge and will not disappoint.

    X-Plane: Upon launching the app you can already see the great amount of work that was put into this game especially the graphics. After the loading screen which does take a few moments, you are taken to Innsbruck airport (LOWI) in Austria. You see your instruments and a long runway in front of you. The controls for throttle and the airplaneā€™s flaps are on the very left and right of the screen and invisible until used. Once in the air, you are free to enjoy the skies, and there is really a lot to enjoy. The map is huge and once you get to the end, you appear on the opposite side so you could fly for hours in the same location.

    Graphics: You can tell that the graphics were something the developer(s) paid special attention to. The scenery just pops off the screen with the tall mountains, deserts, bays, oceans, and cities. Even while maneuvering your plane, the scenery and instrument graphics just really show some hard work and dedication.

    Settings: X-Plane 9 is chock full of settings and preferences that can be changed so you can make the flight you want. The region tab gives you the option of changing your flight from Austria, Hawaii, Alaska, Southern-California, San-Francisco, and "Desert Sky", CA. The plane tab lets you choose between 6 different planes from small planes to transport planes. The weight tab lets you change the weight and center of gravity of your airplane to make a more challenging and realistic experience. The time tab shows 4 different times of day to choose from: Mid-Day, Sunset, Evening, Night so you can give a more realistic or perhaps calming effect on your flight. The sky tab lets you choose the amount of clouds in the sky, where those clouds are, and how much visibility you have. The wind tab lets you control wind speed, direction and turbulence creating a more challenging experience. The set tab lets you set reference angles for pitch and roll as well as volume. So as you can see, there are hundreds of different flights you can create by changing these settings.

    Multiplayer: X-Plane does have a multiplayer option. However, it only works if you and someone else are on the same wireless network, otherwise no-can-do. I have not been able to test this out yet.

    Criticism: There is not a whole lot of things to say here. Obviously if the multiplayer could be improved at all that would be one thing. I like the way Tap Tap Revenge uses their multiplayer. One thing that I don't like but others may is how when you crash, a message pops up saying you need to restart at another airport. I think it's just fun if the plane bounces. It also can be a bit of a wait depending on what settings you're changing, but it is a huge game after all.

    Overall, even though X-Plane 9 is expensive, I do not regret spending the money. It has great graphics and hundreds of different settings. There are buttons for random flights, takeoffs and approaches. The airplane sounds are realistic and the controls are simple and customizable. And with a little bit of changes, this game could be fantastic.

    Score: 9/10

    Controls: 8/10
    Audio: 9/10
    Graphics: 9.5/10

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    Use the Tags for the pictures..
    But over all, nice review!

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