"WTFaq's" for Jailbreaking 3.0 f/w

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    "FAQ's" for Jailbreaking 3.0 f/w

    Ever had a WTF MOMENT? Need some help, but don't want to start a whole new thread? No Problem! VistaGenie is proud to present the "WTFaq's" for the 3.0 jailbreak.

    First off, i would like to say if you are jailbreaking your 3.0 ipod on windows, go to BILLAY's tutorial here

    Ok, here are the WTFaq's.

    Step 1:
    Q: I can't download it?
    A: You probably have a slow connection or you don't have flash player, if both of those fail then become a premium user at [PIRACY.rs]!

    Q: I downloaded it to my Desktop and it's not there?
    A: Check a downloads folder or go to folder options and click view hidden files and folders

    Step 2:
    Q: I can't extract the files?
    A: Just open the folder and drag and drop the files onto your desktop, or if that doesn't work download WinRAR

    Step 3:
    Q: I can't locate the file?
    A: Just go to folder options and click view hidden files and folders. If that doesn't work just search for "iPod2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore"

    Step 4:
    Q: I have a mouse that can't right-click?
    A: Single left click on the file and click "ctrl+c" and then go to your desktop and click "ctrl+v" and it is copied

    Step 5:
    Q: I can't paste the file?
    A: Click ctrl+v

    Step 6:
    Q: My sound is on but i didnt hear the click? I followed the directions?
    A: Your sound has to be on on your computer to hear the sound, and just hold each thing a few seconds longer

    Step 7:
    Q: There is no folder called that?
    A: There should be 2 folders. One called MACOSX and one called "_____". Just click on the one not called MACOSX
    Q: I can't read the notepad files?
    A: You may somehow have notepad uninstalled. If not then try to uninstall it and reinstall it

    Step 8:
    Q: I'm on Windows XP and there is no "Windows XP Service Pack 2"
    A: If you are on windows XP you can skip steps 8 and 9

    Step 9:
    Q: None yet
    Q: None yet

    Step 10:
    Q: I double clicked on the file and it didn't run? (Vista)
    A: Do not double click on it. Right click and click Run as Administrator
    Q: I am the only account on my computer, am i Admin? (XP)
    A: You should be, but go to User Accounts to make sure

    Step 11:
    Q: I clicked on the firware i pasted and it said it wasn't identified
    A: Make sure that it was the 3.0 firmware

    Step 12:
    Q: My ipod was in DFU mode, but it didnt go?
    A: When you put it in DFU mode, make sure that you hold the buttons a little longer than it says
    Q: I don't want Cydia? (A.K.A. "I am stupid")
    A: Uncheck the "Install Cydia" box.

    Step 13 and P.S:
    Q: My ipod or redsn0w froze?
    A: Unplugg your ipod and to a hard reboot (hold both buttons). Then turn it back on.dsn0w froze?
    A: Unplugg your ipod and to a hard reboot (hold both buttons). Then turn it back on.

    [-save the huge red font, it's not needed. Joseph]
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    That's apple+c, apple+v because only macs have such mouses.
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    2G iPod touch
    Surely drag and drop is an easier option here, it is only one file.


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    iPhone 3GS (Black)

    This is the most useless troubleshooting/advice guide I've read in my life, please give up, you know nothing useful.
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    although the thread is just compiling what 100s of threads have said littering the forum, the BIG RED letters just seem try hard for a sticky. The mods will see what is useful and sticky it themselves
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    2G iPod touch

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