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Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by Illuminati, Aug 25, 2009.

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    ok, so I almost lost my new (less than 1 month old) 16GB Touch.

    Do NOT install Stacks on 3.0.x, this is (as far as I can tell) what set it off (may not be, but I installed in just before this happened and for the first time ever my Springboard repeatedly crashed).

    So after crashing a few times and then trying to get Cydia to run so that I can remove Stacks (Cydia crashed 3 times attempting this), and having the battery seeming to drain pretty fast (95% to 90% in just a few short minutes), I decide to shut the thing off and let it clear out the memory, etc. Now it won't start.'s getting very warm at the top end.

    After a minute or two of it steadily getting warmer (pretty hot, actually), I decide it's time to stick the little bugger in the freezer for a couple minutes.

    So now it's cold, except the top gets warmer faster than the rest, so I know it's still doing...whatever.

    I decide to try a few tricks, like the two-button tethered reset, then unplugging and holding down Home while plugging back, I am able to boot again.

    But get battery is now at 34% Q^Q !!! That's a total of 60% battery drain in less than half an hour, probably 20 minutes really!

    I am strongly considering a complete 3.0.x restore and maybe not even jb it again, as I haven't found a heck of a lot I really need that I can't get on a non-jb'ed unit, but I'll probably do it again eventually so I can do some more wardriving.
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    morale of the story: if you couldn't fix your ipod come here, if you did post it on twitter.

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