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Discussion in 'iPod touch in the Enterprise' started by optimo, Jul 14, 2008.

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    only because of the slowness of apple, and their enigmatic way of baiting us along...

    They mentioned they would be providing mechanism for priavte app distribution for enterprises, but a few months from now is too long to wait.

    Here's what I'm working on: I have web-app technology that is in use currently as a replacement for a very old, very cumbersome paper-office system. The niche is a grocery-store-chain's warehouse distribution office. The goal is to extend technology onto the warehouse floor to increase productivity and information throughput. Wifi permeates the entire facility.

    I am acquiring roughly 8 or 10 iPod Touch 8GB. I am maintaining private, native-apps that will have access to our integrated webapp, along with access to networked printers and scanning devices. This is in an early stage, but the most important part, my back-office apps are already in-place and working beautifully. The iphone-style-stylesheet takes care of the prototyping quite well.

    I see no reason to upgrade these beyond 1.1.4 at this time. Chances are that 2.0 will never have full-blown serial-port access,thats a big downer. Also, I cant afford to wait for Apple to design a private method for app distribution. From their first verbal offerings, 100 licenses is overkill for my small project, so I guess this is floating somewhere between hobby- and corporate-level.

    Of course plans include usage of the mail and calendar apps, and so forth. The idea of push items can be recreated using a more clever method.

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    Thoughts and questions, please. I will have more details if this becomes a discussion.
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    From my experiences with warehouses, might I suggest heavy duty rubber cases?

    Aside from the damage issue, this sounds like a nice easy way to manage things, so long as you never lose internet access.

    Possibly have the webapp resident on the actual router, or your company's server itself. Then the iPods will have to dial it in, it will be much more secure than on the actual internet. And much more reliable.

    Also, you won't have to set up a proxy to keep those employees off of those pesky internets, since having the internet, and the expense of the internet won't even be necessary, or an issue.
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    You don't imagine that employees would be browsing the web while their managers aren't looking, do you?

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