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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by renegades001, Mar 12, 2009.

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    Ok, I'm a newbie. I'm completely computer literate, and fairly ipod touch illiterate. Had a 2 gig nano, just bought a 16 gig touch, and love it. I've cruised the various threads and can't find an answer to what (I hope) is a fairly easy fix. Any help you folks can give would be greatly appreciated.

    Have some apps from the app store loaded, haven't loaded anything illegit. Have Bank of America, Facebook a couple of games and utilities. Everything was working fine until today. Now the apps appear

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    as if they want to load, tries to load and then flashes into the app, then quickly returns to the main icon menu. Haven't loaded anything since the "change" and I have sync-ed it since it first started happening. Still won't load diddly. Can still connect to app store, safari, etc, but nothing else. All looks normal in the settings, and I can't see anything obviously wrong.

    Thanks for anything ya'll can do. Let me know if there's anymore info you need from me.

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    Start off by powering off and on again (hold power button, slide to powe roff, hold power button to power up again) or re-springing (if you have SB Settings e.g.). Of alternatively (as I often do) just hard reset (hold power and home button down until device turns off and let go again once you see the apple logo).

    That should fix it if you, as you say, havent done anything untoward.

    The problem is that sometimes the 128MB RAM gets clogged and needs to be freed up. Re-springing or restarting will do this or you can always get an app to help you manage your memory better. Have a look at the 'RAM' link in my sig for more details on resolving RAM issues.

    If that doesn't work then post again and we'll have another look.

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