Wont boot, again.

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Twiister, Aug 6, 2008.

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    Okey, look . I'm going to be honest with you here. As some of you need you need to replace a current file to be able to use cracked apps, yes you heard it. Well, I managed to replace the file and everything and get the apps to work, but yesterday I rebooted my iPod Touch 2.0 and now it wont come out of the boot logo, yes I know DFU , Recovery etc, but now the problem is that I'm not at home at my PC , I'm on a iBook G4 10.3.9, and the damn thing wont sync a iPod Touch or a iPhone, So why not SSH into your iPod? Well, I don't know the IP Adress that my iPod is connected to while on Wi-Fi, and it won't even boot so either way it wouldn't matter.

    Any one have any suggestions or shouldn't I just bother and wait 'til I'm back home, cuz at home it takes 2 secs to fix this problem.

    Thanks !

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    Help please , someone!!!

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