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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by nigelespinoza, Feb 14, 2009.

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    I just read this post that was posted 6 days ago and was wondering if this actually works .... here it is

    putting installer onto jailbroken ipod touch 2g on 2.2.1 fw


    "hi guys this is for all you guys that like installer

    1.download the installer app from here:http://www.[PIRACY.4s].com/file/85081117...installer.html

    2.download winscp from here http://www.[PIRACY.4s].com/file/85081673...p418setup.html

    3.install winscp and then open it then you will be prompted for a host name which is you ipods ip adress to find that just go to settings then conections then click on the little blue arrow on your screen then it should tell you what you ip address is , next it will ask you for a user name which is "root" and a password which is "alpine" the port number should be 22. now press save... then optionally click on save password and then click ok , close winscp!

    4. now for the ipod bit go to cydia and search for open ssh, install it, then go back to springboard (main menu).

    5.now open up win scp and press login, let it connect to your ipod then a screen should pop up click on the little arrow with root to its left <-- now select / <root> let it load, now extract installer to your desktop and drag it into the applications folder in winscp ,now in winscp press ctrl and t, let it load. now a window saying console will pop up.
    now copy and paste

    chmod -R 777 /Applications/Installer.app

    into the text bar

    , press enter, now copy and paste

    chmod a+srx /Applications/Installer.app/Installer

    into the text bar

    , press enter again. now press close and exit winscp, now restart your ipod and you should see installer on your ipod. if you have any questions or need any help just email me at hc17895@hotmail.co.uk "

    I was looking if someone had left a comment but no one did that is the reason why i am not sure if this does work....

    PS I know how to use WinSCP
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    wow this is the 145199th thread almost 200000 w000000000000t

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