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    It would be very handy to have an app that can manage known wireless networks and corresponding keys for them.
    The ability to have the device "forget" a wireless network even when it is not in range is something I think the ipod/iphone firmware can not do. I know I have over a dozen wireless networks with keys that the routers have been reset and the essid has changed but that info would still be in my ipod/iphone.

    Another feature that is not possible at the moment is retrieving wireless keys that have been entered. If transferring your info to a new device you can do a backup with itunes but that is not always optimal. Also I have set up a lot of wireless networks for clients that I have tested them with the ipod/iphone and if I need the key later the clients more often than not don't have any record of that anymore or just 'don't know anything'.

    Anyone seen discussion on this topic anywhere? are the keys hashed or encrypted or impossible to expose with an app?
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    I looked more into this and it looks like the information needed for this is in the keychain database in the sqlite format.
    Mine was located here -> /private/var/Keychains/keychain-2.db

    I opened it with the sqlitebrowser and sure enough my access points names were in there in plain text! but, according to some apple mailing list posts I found the data (key) is encrypted in triple DES encryption.

    Need more information about how to access the keychains encrypted data.
    Reference: http://lists.apple.com/archives/apple-cdsa/2008/Dec/msg00047.html
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    More info.

    Looking on the iphone-dev-team wiki encryption keys page mentions that the keychain is secured by the 0x835 key.

    I am not a iphone/mac programmer so I dont know if it is possible to use this key to decrypt/access/modify the keychain using this key. anyone familiar with this stuff?

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