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    Well whats a big problem of ipod touches and iphones....battery. You get very little battery time when your playing games or on cydia or on safari. The solution lies with the company WiTricity. They are making a wireless charger for the ipod touch and iphone.

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    This is how it works:
    “Though WiTricity uses two coils — one powered, one not, just like eCoupled’s system — it differs radically in the following way: Soljačić’s coils don’t have to be close to each other to transfer energy. Instead, they depend on so-called magnetic resonance. Like acoustical resonance, which allows an opera singer to break a glass across the room by vibrating it with the correct frequency of her voice’s sound waves, magnetic resonance can launch an energetic response in something far away.”
    WiTricity Corp.

    Is this truly amazing technology the next big thing for the ipod touch and iphone?

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