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    This is my .0001 beta version of a pogoplank tune up guide I wrote on a whim. I got more info to add, but it's late. For those who want to help the project, please fact-check my info and write a comment if anything helps

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    So you just decided to get pogoplank. Here are a few peices of advice to make your device faster, and fit better with pogoplank.

    - The little magnifying glass and single page dot are uber annoying in pogoplank. Go to cydia and search "No Page Dots 3.0". After installing, go to winterboard and put a check on it (Give it a higher priority than any icon/springboard themes).
    - You may want to make it so no docked icons are visible to give your screen a cleaner look. I've attached a theme that removes the icon image and replaces it with a blank icon. Instructions are included in the readme file.
    - Clean up mobile substrate. There are a handful of popular mods that will only apply to springboard, and just take up memory if you let them run while using pogoplank. Disable addons like Cydelete, libhide, springjumps, and other springboard-only addons. This will free up memory, allowing your device to run more smoothly.
    - It's easy to modify a pogoplank theme. Go to /Library/PogoPlank/Themes/ to see the ones you have installed. I personally did not like the whole "wheel" concept, so I replaced it with a fake blank "wheel" to draw more attention to my wallpaper. BE WARNED: It is immoral and possibly illegal to distribute modified themes without the original author's consent. And everyone will hate you for it.
    - Distribute docked apps wisely. The apps on your dock should be the ones you use most, as they are the easiest to access. In addition to an app or two, I recommend at least one "Stack" from stack v3. For example, I keep all of my games on a stack on my dock. In the future, I will attach a guide on how to install and use stacks with pogoplank.
    - As you no longer have badges to remind you of a number, you might want something to replace it. Install status notifier. It will alert you via status bar when you have a missed call, unopened mail, etc.
    - Nix winterboard themes that don't affect pogplank. While they don't take up too much memory, they still run. Sorta. I'm thinking you can free up a bit of memory by killing some springboard-only themes.
    - After learning how to disable launch daemons safely, I would recommend going back and removing "com.apple.searchd.plist" to nix spotlight search It'll free up some extra ram, but the annoying spotlight search will basically do the same thing on pogoplank: Nothing. And it'll still be there if you tap the home button. However, be sure to backup this and all of your original launch daemons, just in case you want to use them (or spotlight) again.

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