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Discussion in 'iOS Themes and Customization' started by The Crow, Apr 18, 2009.

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    Is this right/close or not even close??

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    I have Winterboard already installed on my 1G 8gb iPod touch, and have WinSCP and I know how to SSH my system. I have created a file in WinSCP and named it My Themes, and I have downloaded and also added them to WinSCP (Bundles/UIImages/UIImages 2.0) and put them all in my file (My Themes). Now I watched many YouTube vids. and I use Paintnet and so do many on YouTube because it is easier, and I have several Wallpapers/Icons/Docks/Status bars. So I know or I assume I will have to create a seperate file and use specific Wallpaper/Icons/Docks/Status bars to go in the same Theme, but am I even close to being on the right page?? I figure once I create seperate files/themes and name them, then open up WinSCP and SSH my iPod touch I should be able to drag and drop on to the right side of the page of WinSCP (the iPod side) right? If I sound new to this, that is because I am and would love some help.

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    Thanks, The Crow
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    First off, YouTube guides are crap. Use handwritten guides by people who know what they are doing.

    Second. You do not make your own theme folder, winterboard makes on for you.

    The location of the folder is private>var>stash>themes or as a short cut Library>themes.

    Then in that folder make a new folder that is your theme.

    then in that folder the theme elements.


    library themes>Your theme folder.
    -Icons(The app icons go in here)
    -Bundles(for use with springboard objects, the badge etc)
    -UIImages(then put all the UI Images you want to theme in here)
    -Info.plist(if your using one)

    That's the simple structure.

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