Winpwn has been finally released!

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    Winpwn, the Windows Xp version of the Pwnage tool has just been released.
    It's an amazing tool that you can use to Jailbreak your iPod Touch/iPhone,
    Activate your iPhone, unlock your iPhone, customize your iPhone/iPod Touch
    and many other features. It's said to be able to jailbreak even the newer firmware update software like 2.0. Basically, it has all the same features as the Pwnage tool, except
    it's for Windows. With that said I'd like to ask you to please keep in mind, this is a beta version and means that it may have some bugs
    and flaws which could harm your iPod.

    Side Note from TJ!:
    I've been browsing the forums and noticed several lengthy threads concerning PWNAGE, and apparently it is possible to truly, fully brick the iPod Touch or iPhone with the utitlity. Because PWNAGE flashes the bootloader and erases/modifies the firmware files, it has the potential to erase every iota of information from the device, making it unresponsive to any input method.

    According to the threads, there has not yet been a method that will get any type of response from the "bricked" device, or to make a computer recognize it in any way. Attempted methods include:

    1. 10 second power+home reset
    2. Re-installing iTunes
    3. Using a different computer
    4. Using SSH
    5. Letting battery drain and recharging to full (although due to the nature of the "bricked device, there is no way to tell if the battery is dead or not, it can only be assumed that it will drain after a long period of time)
    6. Plugging into the computer while pressing home
    7. Running iBooter, ZiPhone, iJailbreak, PWNAGE, etc. to try and recover / recognize device

    The only methods that I can think of that have not been tried are:
    1. Flashing the device's memory (I do not know what this means or how to do it, but it has been suggested elsewhere and nobody has attempted it yet. It certainly can't hurt the situation...)
    2. Booting into a linux sysresccd and attempting to force discover / format / recover the device, even if you have to recognize it as a disk drive. Any functionality is a definite improvement, and would remove the title of "bricked"

    On the plus side, if the device is truly as unresponsive as the threads suggest, then you will most likely get a replacement just by taking it to an Apple store, because they can't prove you were jailbreaking it if it is bricked. Plus, I doubt the employees will investigate the issue to any point beyond plugging it into a computer and trying a 10 second home+power restore.

    So there's my warning concerning the PWNAGE utility. It is still in a beta, with several rough edges, and unless you like to take risks, I would suggest that you just remain satisfied with your jailbroken 1.1.4 devices, which most likely have more apps than a PWN'd device would have anyway (at least for the time being). This Windows version is definitely not an exception, and should be treated with care! I'm not saying that bricking is a common problem, I'm just suggesting that it is entirely possible, and that a good number of people are reporting serious errors after a failed PWN.

    Download it here:
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    Nexus 4
    old news mate.... this was released yesterday
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    ZOMG!!! REALLY?!?!?

    Yea, Im still wondering how the OP got to click the new thread button after seeing all the threads below.

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