Winpwn 2.5 - Cydia and Installer do not show up on Iphone

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    UPDATED: I quickpwned right after posting this thread and it actually worked. can't believe it. kinda posted this for nothing right? oh well, the thing is that i finally got it installed and i can't wait to start pimping my iphone 3G.

    I pwned my iphone 3G (version 2.0.2, firmware 2.8.1) with winpwn 2.5 with no problems at all, i restore my iphone to factory settings, i check my iphone to see if it has the apps, and

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    installer and cydia are no where to be found.

    before this i actually tried to use the quickpwn option on winpwn cause it was quicker, but the same thing happened to my iphone when i tried to pwn it before with Quickpwn (not from winpwn). Everything also went fine with using quickpwn until the boot logo stayed on my iphone for what seemed like eternity (25 min, i think).

    so i restarted the whole process and tried using the restore option on winpwn. No problems with building and locating the .ipsw file, or restoring to .ipsw file. There's just no installer or cydia app anywhere on the iphone.

    im trying to figure this out before school starts cause thats when i'll need to use my iphone 3G, and im definitely not going to restore to my backup yet cause i know it'll take more than two to three hours to finish, and yes, i have a ton of apps on my iphone, or used to.

    i know this is totally off topic, but to those of you who are still interested in reading this,
    i actually pwned my iphone 3G like a week ago. You know how people are always saying that downloading third-party apps that are not on app store can crash a lot. And apple says that the app store is the only way to download apps without having anything bad happen to you? well i already had my iphone 3G pwned, i had installed almost two pages of third-party apps from installer and cydia, and a lot of them crashed.

    The crashes that come from these apps are bad and can waste some needed time, but none of the crashes that i experienced were as bad as the crash that i got from an official app that i downloaded from the app store. I was actually listening to music on Pandora, and then right when the iphone was starting to go into sleep mode, it froze. i gave it some time to go back to the home screen. nothing. held the power button to try and turn it off. nothing. held the power and home button, to try and get to the boot logo, gave it some time to boot. nothing. tried to USB connect it to the computer and see if i could restore it. itunes said it couldn't identify the iphone and gave me an error 0xE8000035. Note that i didn't know crap about DFU-mode. at this point i was pissed off, but not enough to blow my head off. I tried looking for solutions to my problem by going to apple support, they had all the techniques for what you should do in case ur iphone crashes, except for DFU-mode. for the next two hours i couldn't find crap about DFU-mode until i read this story about this guy had the same exact problems as i did. He wrote that his solution was doing DFU-mode. i googled it, used it, and fixed my iphone.

    im not saying it was the pandora app that almost forced me to go to go to an apple store with a jailbroken iphone, but it was the app store. the file was corrupted and it actually wasn't done downloading and installing on to my iphone. i think steve jobs really has to fix the iphone cause a lot more ppl than me and some guy had this problem. There were ppl like me who had the same problem but happens to them more than twice a day.

    so yea, that was my really, really long story about what happened to my iphone. wasn't really hoping you'd like it, but it took the anger off of me.

    but anyways, if you have a solution to my problem please reply. Thanks for all your help, and god bless you.

    if i dont reply in a while, im probably sleeping cause its getting late over here.

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