Windows XP BlackRa1n Problems?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Jado777, Dec 27, 2009.

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    I was able to jailbreak my 3g 8gig ipod touch on my mothers windows vista computer, but for some reason it wont work on my windows xp computer. I tried multiple times before using her computer, and it start the process, it would get past the cord pointing to itunes, and then the screen goes black, nothing happens after that no matter what i do, running the program again and everything. I need help because i do not have access to my mothers computer, and my ipod had to reboot to install winterboard, which put it on the "connect to itunes" screen, how can i get it to work on my xp computer?

    so i was finally able to get on my mothers computer, i ran blackra1n in hopes it would reboot my ipod, and it wont do it! its stuck on "waiting for device" now i am going to have to restore my ipod, does anyone have a good time frame for the release of the dev-teams 3g ipod touch jailbreak? because this thing is being a pain, and at the moment are there any other possibilities to jailbreak?

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