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    [windows Guide] No need of Winpwn

    Default: i have an unlocked/jailbreak/activated iPhone 1G with 1.1.4
    -unlocked with iLiberty+ for windows

    NO NEED to pwn with winpwn !I belive if u have a previous unlock with ziphone you can use this guide also.

    1. DOWNLOAD from installer Bootneuter
    2. Select Neuter and click flash (the rest let it as default from the program: ex 3.9 and unlock in my case)
    3. Wait it takes several minutes, dont panic

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    4. use Ziphone to enter RECOVERY MODE NOT DFU I REPEAT NOT DFU. (the option is in advanced)
    5. SHIFT+RESTORE to the custom firmware (u can get it from bigboss site: sleepers.net)
    6. JUST WAIT until de bootneuter + itunes does its job, dont touch/move the iphone.
    7. Congrats u have an unlocked/jailbreak/activated 2.0 iPhone

    Works 100% lol this is easier than PWNAGE 2.0 . Thanks dev-team. Thanks to all the community

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