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    Can anyone please clarify the wiki2touch installation process for me as after reading that many different posts & the google wiki instructions I am confused and cannot get it to work.

    I have the 0.52 wiki2touch download and assume that I copy that to the main applications folder and change all of the files permissions to 755?
    I have the articles.bin (indexed form the dump file) and assume that it is copied to the /var/root/Media/Wikipedia/en folder and again change all the permissions to 755?

    The application shows on the springboard and starts (8080 port) all seems to go ok but whatever you ask it to find it says article not found.........

    Please help - most of the info just says put article.bin to ~/media/wikipedia/en - there are various /media/wikipedia directories in several places ie /var/private and /var/mobile.
    I have not created these and assume that the installer program may have created them.

    Can any one point me in the right direction?

    PS I am currently downloading all of the images (HUGE) and the next step will be putting them somewhere too but need to get the app working 1st


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