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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by anakay, Oct 29, 2008.

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    Hi friends, though it's my first post here I follow this forum for a long time, keep the good work up!

    Okay first some preliminaries:
    I have a small network (A) connected to the network of my students residence (B) via Wifi router. Network (A) uses static IPs, so I can use features like wake on lan, VNC, etc... Over network (B) I connect to internet via VPN. Network (B) uses DHCP to assign IP adresses.

    If I want to connect my Ipod Touch to internet, I have to connect to my wifi router and let him get IP adresses over DHCP (network (B)).
    If I want to connect to my PC I have to connect to the same router but use a static IP, which is in a different range (network (A)).

    And thats where my "problem" is... I don't want to type in the static IPs every time I connect to my PC. I'm way too lazy to do that...

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    So here's my question: Is there a wifi-manager for Ipod Touch, where I can easily set and access different presets for the same wireless network?
    Google and forum search unfortunately did't help me.

    Any help or hints are appreciated.


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