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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by MarshallSucks, Jun 10, 2009.

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    I'm having a weird problem with my jailbroken 16GB Touch 2G. The wifi is suddenly not working at all. I have a wireless router that I have used since I got my iPod a few weeks ago (just used it last night). When I came home from work today, I tried to connect to my router, but the wifi can't find my router. This has never happened before. I tried manually entering the router info, but that didn't work. I know it can't be a router issue because I am posting this message on my laptop's wireless connection to the very same router.

    This may or may not be related, but recently my iPod Touch has had two or three spasms, where it would lag really bad and become nonresponsive, then work normally again after about 10-15 seconds. Also, when I turned my iPod's wireless on, the screen flashed white in a large stripe across the screen and cut off. It was nonresponsive for about a full minute. Everything seems to be working just fine, except the wireless. Any and all help is appreciated!

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