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    fully tested working
    This is what I first posted(read second paragraph below) but no one would help me so I dove into it myself
    I did everything below with qftp but in the iphone directory its in a little different place its here
    <root> private/var/preferences/systemconfiguration
    so if you were to do it itouch to itouch its easy but itouch to iphone its a little different to get to but not by any means hard.
    Now some uses for this would be as follows
    1. You have various wifi codes entered and you have to reset all settings
    2. You have to do full restore (full)
    3. after having your touch You finally get a new iPhone
    This way you dont have to enter each code at differnt times plus you cant see the writing so you dont know for sure what youve entered.
    people didnt like my idea for this but hey I think its great

    could someone help me with this.
    The folders in /private/var/root/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration
    there are a couple of .plist files "preferences.plist and com.apple.wifi.plist" and maybe "com.apple.network.identification.plist"

    1.If you were to backup these plist files with a qftp program then restore ipod to factory settings, could you then replace these files with the backup you just created

    and still connect to your protected wireless networks that were saved?

    2.Use these files on a iphone example: take my iphone and replace the files with the backed up ipod files and use it to connect to all the

    protected wifi networks that I do with my ipod?

    could someone try this for me I really could use this.

    thats what I posted above
    by the way
    16g itouch jailbroke 1.1.2
    16g iphone ziphone 2.4 return of the gui jailbroke 1.1.3
    windows vista

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