WiFi and Battery Life

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by mdkrebs11, Sep 25, 2007.

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    Sep 19, 2007
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    Does anyone know if you are viewing a website in Safari with the WiFi on (obviously) and you quickly push the button on the top to put the touch into sleep mode (i.e. not full power off), does the wifi connection remain on and thus continue to drain the battery? Having the WiFi on obviously drains the battery faster than if it is off. Just want to know if I should put the touch into full power off mode when I'm done reading a webpage and don't plan to use the touch for a while or if just putting it to sleep basically turns everything off and the battery is not being run down dramatically.

    Also, somewhat related, does anyone know if when the touch is in sleep mode, it will eventually go into full power off mode if not used for a certain period of time. If I'm using the touch before going to bed and just put it in sleep mode, will it stay in sleep mode until the morning or will it eventually, say after an hour or two, eventually put itself into full power off mode due to inactivity? Again, just want to know if I should make a point of turning it completely off when not planning on using it for a considerable amount of time.

    Went to the Apple website assuming they would have a "submit a question" section on their FAQ Support page but there is no way to ask them a quetsion. Kind of odd.
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    no, the WiFi goes into standby when the iPoT is asleep. leave it asleeep for a minute or so, and you will see that the WiFi has to re enable it self.

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