Wi-Fi Password Change Help PLEASE?

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    So recently I found out that a hacker was leeching my internet bandwith so just for the while i changed the password on my router i only changed 2 digits. So i then got all my pc's and gadgets in the house and disconnected from my internet and put new password. When i got to my ipod i found a small problem first i realized that the forget network button was missing(it's in the screen after you press the blue arrow) so i couldn't disconnect and i kept tapping on the wi-fi. It didn't work so i pressed other network and i typed in the whole thing with new password but it still didn't work. Then i went to the library to see if it was my wi-fi chip in my ipod that was broken but it worked fine there. I also know this because i'm still partially connected to my wi-fi and i know this because my ip address is screwed up too. instead of the normal 192.168.1.xx the xx's being replaced by my gadgets and computers using wi-fi it shows some huge number like 169.254.202.xxx. Is there a program i can use to forget the network i already tried most of the wi-fi apps on the appstore. Here are 2 pictures that i screenshotted one is from my screwed up (i think) ipod and the other is my cousin's not so screwed up ipod.

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    1st one is my cousin the 2nd picture is mine
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