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    As the name suggests, id love it if someone made a wi-fi keyboard and mouse app for the iPod touch. It would be a client server app, run the server on your pc, and conect using the client on the iPod. Basically, it would have ALL of the characters a keyboard has (the ability to be customized) and it will take up the whole screen. Then there would also be a switch mode on the top corner or w.e to change to a mouse. The mouse would use the accelerometer for the mouse movement (move the ipod to the left, moves left, move it to the right, moves right, forward etc...) and then you would have 2 buttons on the screen, left and right mouse click, with a scroll wheel, which is just basically moving your finger on the screen...) You could also use it in landscape mode with two hands so that you can use the mouse and the keyboard at the same time.

    I doubt this will be too hard, except for the mouse, which would have to have the co-ords of the accelerometer changed into a different format so that it makes sense for the pc. Then the server on the pc, would receive the information from the client, and ecxecute the commands.

    Just thought of another way to do the mouse, use the touch screen, and use your finger to move the mouse, tap once for left click and then you could put one finger on the screen, the another for the right mouse click.

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