Why does iTunes freeze when I sync my iPod Touch/iPhone?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by TyBoyTwist, Jul 15, 2010.

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    Hello, i just got a new computer. it is running xp, has 120 HD, 250 backup, 2gb RAM, Nvidia graphics card. A good computer. the only problem is when i sync my iPod Touch 2G (with iOS4) or my iPhone 3G (also with iOS4) with iTunes (iTunes 9.2 latest) it freezes up. it'll get past apps and stuff, but once it gets to music it freezes. ive waited hours and nothing happens. on task manager it say "Not Responding". and ive done everything; reinstalled itunes, set itunes at low (then high) priority in task manager, did the same for Sync Service(s), ended the Sync Service(s) task, and more! NOTHING is working! PLZ help! give me as many solutions as possible. thank you!

    its not in DFU mode. i already did that whole deal. idk what else to do!

    I also tried the diagnosis test(s) at those didnt work at all!

    OH! and to see what would happen, i ran music while syncing and it froze but the music continued to play. and i cant open itunes at all

    I even tried restoring my itouch, but i get an error everytime and it doesnt work. so i need help with that to. it'll getr to like 98% and then just stop and give me an error. http://s102.photobucket.com/albums/m...1Jul131503.gif

    I recently tried to sync my brother's original iPod Nano, and it's synced fine, and i restored it and that worked also! *** lol

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