iPhone 3GS Why blackra1n instead of Quickpwn+ultrasnow for 3GS?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bozeefus, Nov 27, 2009.

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    I am having difficulty determining the difference between the 2 so please excuse my ignorance.

    It seems blackra1n is the easier JB + unlock so one is not stuck with AT&T.

    1) However, how does one determine their baseband? It seems the dev team method has restrictions on what the baseline can be.

    ) Also, the blackra1n method is tethered. Besides having to jailbreak everytime you turn it off, is there an effect on other apps? I remember the early tethered JB for ipod touch 2g, RIGHT WHEN it came out, did not work with Backgrounder and other programs.

    3) What number am I looking for? What # am I trying to get below?

    4) Does dev-team's method only achieve tethered Jailbreak?

    5) What exactly are dev-team's restrictions? It seems they want you to start with 3.00 firmware and they warn of going to anything above 3.0? Why is that?

    Thank you for the answers. I appreciate you reading my long post. I will update this with answers as well as more questions

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    edit: I have not yet received my iPhone 3GS so I am unsure what its baseband is. It is a refurbed unit so hopefully it will be one of the 3GS that does not have any restrictions

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