Why are movies you download off of iTunes so big in size?

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by BoomBox-Creations, Apr 19, 2009.

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    Hi all...

    Well, the title says it...

    Im asking because, when i convert my movies, i rip them to a computer, which takes the size from 9gb on disc to 4.4gb on PC, then convert them to ipod format. Which brings the size from 4.4gb to in between 200mb to 500mb...

    And movies you get off of iTunes, the smallest ive seen so far is just under a gigabyte.

    Still the same quality as my ripped and converted DVD.

    I compared this with Hanc*ck, from my DVD and from iTunes store....

    The one i ripped, was 350mb which cost me $25 AU. ( saying as mov.a. )

    The one that took me a week to download off of iTunes was 1.09gb and also $25 AU ( saying mov.b. )

    mov.b. lips+voice sync is exact down to teh millisecond. mov.a. was off by 2 milliseconds.

    mov.a. sound has more quality than mov.b. but equals with mov.a. when playing through a speaker dock.

    mov.a. quality is better than mov.b.'s on a computer screen/apple TV, but mov.b. has better quality on iPod Touch. mov.a. has better quality on nano.

    mov.b. goes for 4 seconds more than mov.a.

    mov.b. lags more than mov.a...

    they are both widescreen.

    i think thats it of what i can notice with differences......

    all tests were done on a iPod touch unless specified differently...

    Thanks for your time...

    p.s. if any of you are wondering, i used iPodME for my video converting... you can get it here: http://nodadev.wordpress.com/pc-projects/ipodme/

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