Where do book files go for Books.app for iPod Touch

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    I have searched previous posts and found threads like "Where do I put Books on 1.1.4?" that haven't really answered this question, as far as I can tell. I have installed Books.app. The directions at code.google.com/p/iphoneebooks/wiki/InstallingEBooks, which contain instructions for the transfer of book files to the iPod Touch that a Noobie like myself does not understand, instructions including things like "a bash shell-script" and iPHUC.

    I have a standard file transfer software for the iPod Touch. It's called TouchCopy and seems to work fine at getting files onto the Touch from my PC running XPSP2. However, I keep reading around the Web that I need to load a folder called EBooks into a Touch directory called "Media." TouchCopy shows no such folder/directory on the Touch. Here are the folder/directories is does show:

    The top directory is called iPod. Below this directory comes DCIM, Photos, IPhoneDrive, and ITunes_Control. There are some sub-directories below these, none of which are called "Media."

    I have tried putting a folder named EBooks (containing a .txt file) in these folders, but Books.app doesn't seem to see the new folder or the text file automatically, or at all.

    Thanks for any help.

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