where are contacts saved?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by tylobedo, Mar 2, 2008.

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    ok if any out there knows where contacts are saved this would be great! i think i am on to something. i am VERY close to getting sms on ipod touch. if i could know where the contacts are at i beieleve i can do it.

    wha ti am thinking is. if i can find contacts i can edit it so i can add phone number with letters and stuff. this will then allow me to have my contact number apear like an e-mail adress. ie 555-555-5555@teleflip.com. i may have to do a little moding to isms (it may say i can't send it to that because it not a number so i will have to go in and change it so it will allow me to. then this will allow every1 to open isms go to click on a contact to add. select witch phone number you want to send it to. then type your msg and send!

    and yes i know i could jsut send it thru mail.app but whats the fun of that?

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    there is no folder with contacts on the iPod touch. It is a database. What you would want to do is sync contacts with addressbook or outlook and than edit them on the computer or just edit them on the iPod touch through the contacts app.

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