When will apple ahve more re-furbs in?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by JoeTheIpod, Jun 11, 2009.

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    May 19, 2009
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    I was going to get my dad to get my a refurbed 2g 8g for my bday but they dont have any in stock on their website, they had them last week.
    Can anyone give me an estimate?
    Do apple sell refurbs in store?

    *EDIT* Sorry about the spelling mistake in the title.
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    Jan 13, 2009
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    2G iPod touch
    You want refurb?
    Get it here:


    (Links to Ebay)
    It's $199, and he gives a lot of extra stuff for ya

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    Free stuff that he includes that apple won't give you:

    Bundle Includes:

    * Anti-Slip Protective Silicone Skin - Black
    o Precision molded for a perfect fit
    o Ultra-grip rugged texture
    o Allows charging while in case

    * Ultra Clear Full LCD Screen Protector
    o Complete full protection of iPod Touch front side which covers entire LCD screen
    o Anti-Scratch, Dust Repelling
    o Soft Cloth included for cleaning screen

    * Crystal Clear Hard Shell Case
    o Durable, beautiful polycarbonate material protects against bumps and scratches
    o Easy access to dock connector allowing the phone to charge while in the case
    o Removable belt clip / kickstand for video viewing

    * USB Car Cigarette Lighter Auxiliary Power Adapter Charger
    o Built-in charging circuit that protects your iPod/iPhone from over charging
    o Fused and filtered to protect your iPod/iPhone from damage
    o LED power indicator

    * Premium AC USB Wall Power Charger Adapter
    o Compact power adapter offers fast, efficient charging at home/office, or on the go.
    o Durable, Compact, Strong, and Lightweight USB-based adapter for iPod/iPhone
    o Foldable outlet plugs fold into charger for easy carrying and case
    o International Customers from UK, Europe, Australia will receive an Adapter Plug

    * Retractable Computer USB Data Sync Cable Charger
    o Connect iPhone/iPod with your PC / Laptop by USB port
    o Update music, video, data & more to your iPod/iPhone through this data cable
    o Cable Length: Retractable up to 30"

    * Mesh Travel Pouch
    o Durable lightweight mesh material
    o Securely holds your portable device and /or accessories
    o Dimensions: 5" x 3.5"

    * Silicone Fishbone Earphone Tie
    o Innovative cord management system
    o Soft durable silicone material
    o Keeps earphones organized and neat

    SO yeah, I know it's a bit more, but it's still less than what an iPod Touch 2G usually sells for, plus a lot of extra stuff

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    It's a refurb

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