When I Save, It Doesn't Load- Please Help!

Discussion in 'Gameboy Advance emulator (gpSPhone)' started by BugsBunny, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. BugsBunny

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    Jan 27, 2008
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    I played Pokemon Ruby for sometime now... I saved it couple of times and it loaded all the time, until I saved it this one time, it won't load... It just goes back to my home screen... I keep on trying and trying but it keeps going back to my home screen. I already changed all permissions to 755 and I have a pretty good gba bios... I tried uninstalling it and installing it but that didn't do anything... Please help! I don't want to start a new game again.
  2. johnytsunami

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    Jan 25, 2008
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    just do it all over again install gps again and if u hoply saved the Roms on ur comp same s@(; happend to me lost all my game saves but I don't care ist fun to do it again lol (<•_•>)

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