when i connect ipod my computer goes to blue screen and restarts and error message!!

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    Dear frendzss,,

    My pc with windows XP home edition service pack 3,

    Itunes latest verson.

    Ipod: touch 2 nd generation 8 gb.

    Problem is::

    when i connect ipod,ipod getting power on and then ''clingk'' sound coming from pc.

    after connecting to system,i checked in device manager, in usb dvice controller, it shows " apple mobile device usb driver".
    and right clicked for driver details ::

    it shows : Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39).

    if i try to do the driver update on the same menu where in device manger/usb controller/apple mobile device usb driver/ right click then update driver,,,

    after updating driver, system recognising ipod and start battery charging and immediately in few seconds (3 to 5 sec),laptop goes off to blue screen and error

    messages like this::

    STOP.0X0000007E ( 0 X C0000005 , 0 X 00000000 , 0 X BAD2B7C4 , 0 X BAD2B4C0 )

    And laptop getting reboots and restart system.

    this is the thing happening here.

    i tried to delete this pple mobile device usb driver file which may corrupted (( usbaapl.sys )) but can't even i do uninstall itunes & related softwares like apple mobile device,apple software update,bonjour ( i don't wat is this but apple related one) and quick time player.

    What can i do for this???Pls help me,help.

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